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5 Easy Ways to Tune into your Body

August 26, 2009

Hi all,

As I mentioned in previous posts, Tuning into your body is a great way to become aware of the present moment.  However many people do not know what it takes to really tune in.

In my last post, I identified the breath as a great way to connect with your body. Along with the breath I would like to offer you 5 Easy ways to tune in

The Breath – Taking 3 deep intentional breaths deep into your base of your lungs.

1) Notice sensations running through your hands and feet.  Feel the warmth, the tingling that may be present

2) Focus your attention to the back of your throat.  Do you feel warmth, tightness, openness, emotion that is just sitting there.

3) Focus your attention to your solar plexus – half way between the belly button and the rib cage.  Do you feel warmth, butterflies, openness, tightness

4) Focus your attention to your face – Do you feel tension in your jaw, do you squint your eyes, relax your tongue in your mouth.

5) Focus your attention to your neck and shoulders.  Release any tension you may feel, drop your shoulders, do shoulder rolls.  What sensations do you notice there?

Take another deep breath in to through your nose for the count of 5 and out through your mouth for the count of 5.

These 5 easy steps help you to tune into your body in a sequential manner. Take the opportunity throughout your day to check in with yourself.  What are you feeling in this moment?  Taking this time will help you become more aware of what is happening for your body!

Blog with you later



The Intentional Breath

May 19, 2009

The breath is the most underutilized tool available to us “in the moment”. Research shows that when we breathe deeply into the very base of our lungs that we can calm down our nervous system which is responsible for many of our stress symptoms.

The Intentional Breath brings in life affirming oxygen on inspiration and breathes out stress and tension on expiration.  Take a moment to notice your breathing NOW.


Focus your attention to the middle of your chest

place your hand over this area.

Breathe in deeply through your nose for the count of 5

Imagine your hand moving up and down with the breath.


Blow the air out through your mouth for the count of 5

Notice the sensations running through your body, any warmth or tingling

Breathe normally in between the deep intentional breaths


Place your hand over your solar plexus

(halfway between the belly button and the rib cage)

Breathe in through your nose to the count of 5

(moving your hand up and down with the breath)


Blow the breath out through your mouth for the count of 5

Notice any sensations in your body, warmth, tingling, energy

Breathe normally between the deep intentional breaths


Once again the hand over the solar plexus

Breathe in through your nose for the count of 5

(moving the hand up with the breath)


Blow out through your mouth for the count of 5

consciously blow out any stress or tension you feel in your body

Notice any sensations in your body, how do you feel

Breathe normally

Set up a practice schedule for yourself to do the breathing every morning, every lunch, at the end of the day and before bed. See how you feel and let me know how this works.  Take care all

Blog with you later.


In this Moment- what do you see?

April 22, 2009

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we can look at something without really seeing it. We are lost in thought focusing on the struggles of our day and our life simply passes us by.  Part of being in the moment means that we are present to the events that are happening around us. We are here.

This week, my blogs will be focusing on how we can tune into our moments by using our senses. The first of these is our sense of sight

As you read this you are looking at words on a computer screen.

How long have you been looking at the computer: 5 minutes, 1 hour or 5 hours.

How much of this time have you absorbed what has been written?

Do you notice yourself getting lost in the surfing without any real attention to what is in front of you?

Have you ever been reading a book and get to the end of the page and wonder what you just read?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you are not alone and you are not in the moment.

Have you ever thought of how much of your day you are not really here.  You are remembering the past, fretting about the future or angry and upset about your life now. Let’s take a couple of moments and start to notice what we can see around us.  Look up from the computer. What do you see?  Is there a window?  Can you see outside?  If not, do you have art work on the walls or any momentos that remind you of positive times in your life (family photos, artifacts from trips etc.)?  The purpose of looking at these things is to draw your attention away from your thoughts and bring your attention to your present surroundings.  When you look at the photo or scene outside, take a deep breath and “drink in the scene”. By this I mean, really see what you are looking at, be in the room, notice what is happening around  you.  This need not take long.  By spending the time noticing the details of your surroundings, you become present and in the moment.

When you walk outside, notice the buds coming out on the trees, the crocuses peeking out of the ground, the cherry blossoms that are so beautiful and fragrant at this time of year.  Notice the beauty around you.  Take a deep breath in for the count of 5,  pause,  then breathesunset out for the count of 5. Be curious about what you notice as you do this exercise.  Please comment and let us know what you noticed.

In this moment:

Notice what you see around you

Notice what you hear around you

Notice how you feel

The first step in changing anything we want to change is developing awareness about our behavior.  Be curious, and enjoy the moment.  Blog with you later this week.