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Letting it go

June 16, 2009

Well today is a day where I know I need to “Let it go“.  As I look at my list of  things to do and find myself scattered in getting them accomplished I realize that I have many “should’s” on my plate.  It is time to let it go.

So what does that mean?  Well for me, letting it go means – giving myself permission to not do any of them.  When I feel scattered I know I am not “in the moment”, I am in worry or obsession about what I need to do and lose sight of what I want to do.  So for today, this is how using my tools looks for me.  I am taking time with each question to be with me and listen for the answers.

In this moment – what do I want?

answer – to get connected with myself

In this moment – what can I do?

answer – breathe

In this moment – how do I feel?

answer – tired

In this moment – what can I do about it?

answer – breathe

In this moment – how do I really feel?

answer – scared that if I give myself permission to not do anything that I will lose momentum and will never pick it up

In this moment – Is this the truth?

answer – I know that when I really give myself permission to do what I need in the moment, I am energized and on task

In this moment – what do I see?

answer – trees shimmering in the breeze, my computer screen, my office and scattered papers

In this moment – how do I feel

answer – I feel that I am Here

In this moment – what do I want

answer – to post this blog and go outside in nature and enjoy the fresh air.

So off I go to live in my moments.  Give yourself permission to get connected with yourself and your moments.  When you get the answers from your inner wisdom about what you want to do – take action and do it.  Give yourself permission to “let it go“, the shoulds, the coulds and the have to’s.  Enjoy your day.

Blog with you later,



Do Something That You Love TODAY!!!

June 3, 2009

What do you love to do?  Take a moment and write out the things in your life that give you pleasure, joy, happiness and peace.  Then ask yourself: When was the last time I gave myself permission to do any of these things?

Today I want you to remember that “Attitude is everything“.

If you love watching your kids play, then watch them play. Feel the joy of having them in your life ( as opposed to the work of raising them)

If you love listening and singing to the music on the radio – then really listen and sing out loud.  Feel your energy as you sing

If you love listening to opera and your soul is moved beyond measure when you do – then really listen to opera today

If you love walking in nature because it grounds you and makes you feel connected to your spirit – then make time today to go for a walk and really feel that connection

If you love the taste of chocolate and your body feels the love – then savour a piece of chocolate today

If you love having fresh flowers in the house – then treat yourself to a bouquet and smell the scent

Drink in the beauty of what surrounds you – friends, family, a healthy body, laughing children,puppy dogs and kittens

Make a commitment today to do something that you love  to do – it could be cleaning your house, folding your laundry, writing that report, driving your kids, chairing a meeting or what ever your day holds.  When you feel the love and appreciation for the moments in your life, the rewards in improved health and wellbeing are endless.

Blog with you later


WHO ARE YOU? Take 5 minutes to begin your journey of discovery

May 26, 2009

Who are you?

Many people answer this question with a description of their various roles. For me I am a mother, coach, workplace consultant, former nurse, wife, sister, aunt, friend etc. With each of these roles I have certain expectations as to how I want to fulfill them.  For example as a mom, I have three adult children whom I love spending time with, imparting my words of wisdom to (always being careful not to overdo the WISDOM part) and for many years my children defined me. By that I mean, everything that they said and did were a direct reflection of me i.e. their accomplishments, their dreams, their sorrows, their joys and their mistakes.  I was totally tied into their stories and their lives to define me as a good mom, an attentive mom, someone who had it handled, someone who makes mistakes or someone who was not good enough or there enough for my kids.  I had many judgements as to how well I fulfilled my role.

How about you?  Are you totally defined by your roles – parent, nurse, teacher, health care worker, daughter etc. Even though it may seem natural to do this, it is not who you really are!!

Behind all of the roles and expectations you have for living your life, who are you really?   What makes you – YOU? If you do not spend any time in relationship with yourself, how will you really know who you are?  When you spend this time you start to get connected with what is at the core of who you are and it is a beautiful journey of discovery.

My challenge for you today is to spend 5 minutes quietly in relationship with yourself.

Turn off all electronics (TV, cell phone, computer etc.),

Sit quietly in a chair,

Close your eyes and breathe deeply and intentionally.

Set a timer so you know that you will be alerted when the time has passed.

Notice what you hear

Notice what you see

Notice how you feel

Notice what you feel

Still your mind chatter


Just notice what you notice and




Stress and Adrenaline – what can you do?

May 13, 2009

Adrenaline is a hormone that is secreted by our sympathetic nervous system in response to an event real or imagined that has us scared.  People often refer to it as the fight, fright or freeze response.  It is the hormone that is responsible for people having an uncanny amount of strength in scary situations e.g. lifting a car off a person to save their life etc.

In our society, people are under tremendous amounts of stress but it is not the big stressors that make us sick.  It is the accumulation of the little things that have a negative impact on us.  Many people believe they need a certain amount of stress to keep them motivated and on tract.  When we have a deadline to meet the adrenaline is often the hormone that keeps us on task and on target for getting this done.

HOWEVER, if we are living under constant deadlines, constant interruptions, along with worry and fear about work and home with no time to regroup or de-stress, then the accumulation of too much adrenaline and cortisol (the stress hormone which I will be discussing later this week) can have serious negative consequences on your health. Our body does not do well running on hyperdrive when we have bursts of adrenaline happening every time we are startled, frightened or worried about something. SO what can you do about your stress.

When you recognize that your heart is beating fast, your breathing is rapid and shallow, you have butterflies in your stomach or you are scattered in your thinking –

Ask yourself “in this moment” what can I do to feel better?

The most important thing you can do is to tune into your body and calm yourself down physiologically

Take 3 intentional deep breaths

Notice how you feel physically

Listen to the sounds around you

Look at your surroundings

Ask yourself – what can I do right now to improve my situation?

Worry and fretting about what may happen in the future is our minds way of making us think we are doing something about the problem. When you ask yourself what can I do right now, we move away from the worry and into an action phase that can support us in resolving the problem.

Blog with you later.