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When You Focus on What You Want: The How Will Show Up

July 15, 2009

It is amazing how many of my clients limit themselves in their dreams because they do not have any idea of HOW they will achieve them. The reality is:

When you gain clarity on WHAT you want, the HOW will show up.

What do you want?

Write out one specific goal you would like to achieve


What will MY goal look like when I accomplish it

Imagine you were to take a picture of your life when you have accomplished this goal, what will be happening, who will be there?

What will it feel like when I achieve this goal,

Where in your body do you feel it

Have you had that feeling before, if so, remember that feeling and reconnect with how it feels

What will I hear from myself and others as I accomplish this goal

Imagine that you have accomplished your goal – ask yourself  “What am I saying to myself when I achieve this goal and what will others be saying about me”

Create a vision board with pictures that represent what your life looks like when you have  accomplished this goal

Write out statements of how you feel as you work towards this goal e.g. relaxed, confident, trusting

Let your imagination go

Have fun with this process.

Sometimes, our minds take over during this process and we begin to doubt our ability to accomplish our goals:

Acknowledge your mind’s attempts to keep from you dreaming about the possibilities.  Say “Thank you Mind for trying to give me a dose of reality, but I want to keep dreaming about the possibilities” .

Some people that think it is silly to dream and that they will only be disappointed when they do not get what they want.  This is a very limiting belief.

People who allow themselves to get into the whole experience of “acting as if” the dream has already been achieved are noticeably more excited about life as they actively pursue their dreams.

People who “go for their dreams” are more likely to achieve what they want because they give themselves permission to.

Imagine the possibilities and create the life you want.

My question to you is:

Are you giving yourself permission to dream – to go for WHAT you want or are you stuck in trying to figure out how to get what you want and need in life.

The purpose of this post is to help you develop awareness around your beliefs about getting what you want in life.  Only through awareness can we change anything.

Have fun with your process of discovery.

In my next blog, I will give you an example of how I applied this formula to one of my big goals.  Take care and I will blog with you later this week.