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7 Steps to Help You SLOW DOWN

May 30, 2009

I remember several years ago I had a flurry of speeding tickets. I owned a children’s clothing store which was starting to falter, I had three kids doing various activities, we were building a house, and I never seemed to have enough time to do anything.  I always seemed to be rushing from hither to yon and within a three week period of time, I received two speeding tickets and a warning. I failed to mention that at this time, I was also doing a lot of soul searching on how I was living my life as I WAS NOT HAPPY.

When I was stopped by the cop on the third occasion, I looked at him and pleaded with him to not give me a ticket and apologized profusely.  I GOT IT THEN – I needed to SLOW DOWN – not just my driving but my life as well.

Today when I notice that racing feeling starting inside of me and I take the following steps:

1 – I take a deep intentional breath

2- Ask myself –What is my goal for the next hour or two? I define a segment of time and write down my goal.

3 – What do I need to do to accomplish my goal – I spend time outlining steps, prioritizing these steps, writing them down (this makes them tangible and easier to remember).  This process may take 2-5 minutes and saves valuable energy.

4 -Ask myself – HOW DO I WANT TO FEEL WHILE I AM WORKING ON THIS GOAL – I set the intention that I am present, focused, clear and efficient.  This is easier to do when I set the intention for this period of time i.e. one hour rather than a whole day.

5-  I start working on the steps, breathing and focusing on what I have set out to accomplish – staying in the moment

6 – About 5 minutes before the end of the segment of time (at 55 minutes – set a timer) I decide whether to carry on for longer or to stop working on the goal and write out what I need to do next time I work on it.

7- I take a deep intentional breath and acknowledge myself for the focused, clear, efficient work that I did the previous hour.

If I found that I was not as focused as I wished, I tell myself the truth and try to be gentle on myself and celebrate what I did accomplish. 

In reality I do this about 80% of the time and it works marvelously.  I try to be more intentional with my time because the rewards are endless.

If we don’t acknowledge what we have done we will never see how far we have come.

Blog with you soon.