Are you a Martyr or do YOU Matter!!!

What is a martyr? Someone who sacrifices their needs for the needs of others.  Now this seems like a noble thing to do.  Aren’t many of us conditioned from a young age to sacrifice ourselves for the good of others.  Plus, the reality is that as a mother, there are times when it is absolutely essential to put our needs lower down on the list because we have babies and children to feed, change, organize etc.

How many times however, do you find that what YOU care about does not seem to matter?  Somehow we have it set up in our mind that everyone else’s needs must come first.  I used to call myself –  Martyr Mom – not a pretty title but it fit.  For years, I  spent my time doing for everyone else and whining about my needs not getting met.  Looking back on that time I see that this was not only awful to listen to but it also set a very poor example for my kids.

When I got the wake up call that no one else was going to make sure that I exercised, ate properly, had my quiet time, or had play dates with my friends I realized that if I wanted to feel good in my life, it was up to me and only me to take the steps necessary to do that!!!

However, being a martyr is a bit of a hard habit to break.  For me, there always seems to be a tension between taking care of myself and taking care of others. That is the truth.

To know that “I MATTER” I need to be vigilant about asking myself  in the moment –

What am I doing?

Why am I doing this?

Do I want to?

Do I need to?

Answer truthfully to myself

Before I begin, I always make sure that I take my 3 intentional breaths do get me  into the moment to help me clarify my intention and listen carefully for the answers from within.

Give this a try and let me know how you are doing on the Martyr/Matter debate

Blog with you later


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