Feeling good – “in the moment”

There has been a lot written about the “Law of Attraction”, “The Secret”,Power of Positive Thinking” and many others to help guide us on the road to living and thinking more positively.  These books and self improvement movements are attempting to teach us that we can manifest and achieve greatness in our lives depending on our perspective and our beliefs.  In order to have the life we want, we need to change how we think and feel in order to achieve what we want to attract in our lives.

This is a very powerful concept and one that brings great success to those who can master the principals.  The reality for many people however, is that this is easy in theory but difficult in practice.  How can we start to change our perspectives and our beliefs in order to live “the life we want”?  My answer to you is “moment by moment”.

I described in a previous post that our body responds to the stories we tell whether real or imagined. If we recount the story of how someone hurt us, angered us, jilted us etc. and we tell this story repeatedly to ourselves or anyone who will listen, we are stimulating the secretion of stress hormones in our body – just by reliving the story. Unfortunately in society today, it is all too common for people to dwell on negativity and sad stories.  Look at what happens every time there is a story of human tragedy; the media overloads us with stories, images etc. to help us relive the tragedy several times each day/week and even months.

So what can you do shift to a more positive life? Remember I told you that our body responds to the stories we tell whether real or imagined.  So if you can reconnect with a positive story, something that makes you smile, something that makes you feel good, then the opposite can happen.  The feel good hormones – serotonin, endorphins, and DHEA are released when we tell a story that makes us feel good.

So what makes you smile? Imagine puppy dogs running with feet that are too big for their bodies, a child learning to walk and how they giggle when they take their first step, the look on the mother’s face as she is encouraging them with love and excitement.  One of my feel good moments is hugging my kids and the emotions that wash over my system when I think of them.  For some people it is a memorable hike, a family gathering, an amazing ski adventure and for others it may be a jump into a lake on a hot summers day.

What are your feel good moments?

Take a few minutes and write them down.

Come up with as many as you can so you have a variety to call on when you want to feel good in the moment

Take one of those moments

Reconnect with the feelings of the time

Imagine your body reliving that moment

Notice how your body feels

Be with this feeling as long as you can

Try to make a habit every morning, lunch, dinner and bedtime to connect with positive emotions – it will help you “feel good – in the moment”

Take care all,


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4 Comments on “Feeling good – “in the moment””

  1. Sudeep Says:

    Looking positive in life as you said is not easy all the time .In this cut throat world especially .But yes excellent tip that you said before live moment by moment . Remember more of those positive memories of life than the negative one .Do you know , lot of my clients when I ask lot of them would not have any gr8 positive memory to share from childhood .Do not you think that is crazy .. We need to push our horizons and search for more positive things in life .

    • Sudeep,

      I realized that I never responded to your comment. My apologies. I agree, many people do not remember positive memories from childhood and that we need to push our horizons to search for the positive things in life. However, I think as people focus on the negative it becomes all consuming and they have a challenge seeing the positive. With gentle coaching, perhaps they can start to uncover some of the positive memories and minimize the negative.

  2. Fiona Says:

    So true. Having come from a violent and unhappy family, I do, from time to time relive some of those malevolent experiences. This of course leads to renewed feelings of anger, blaming, unforgiveness, and the cycle repeats. By imagining that cycle as a tangible thing that I place somewhere else, it helps me to let in happier memories/feelings/experiences.
    And suddenly I am better able to live in the present, forgive, and move forward.

    • Hi Fiona,

      We all have so much history and many stories. I like how you put it that you can put the cycle elsewhere to allow for those positive times. It takes awareness to do that. Enjoy your moments. G

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