One of the ways for helping to get you in the moment is to ask:

In this moment – how do I feel? Many of my clients feel angry, frustrated or overwhelmed by the demands put on them by themselves, their families or their workplace.  Yet they put on a mask by being nice all of the time, holding it in and not telling the truth about how they are feeling.  On the inside they are seething.

The focus of my blog posts this week is:  BLOW OFF SOME STEAM.

When we are angry and frustrated we often have an overabundance of adrenaline that is flowing through our veins causing us to feel our heart race, breathing increase, agitated feeling in our gut and the desire to “fight or flight”. In this state we are not thinking clearly, we are in danger of making rash decisions or we are just fuming on the inside and making ourselves sick. Here are 3 safe and easy ways to BLOW off some steam.

1. Get into your car, windows shut and yell and swear at the world (or whomever) for as long as it takes to release that tension.

2. Go to the gym and kick/punch a punching bag and do this for as long as it takes to let it all out

3.  Scream into a pillow and cry it out.

    Only when you have given yourself permission to be real, feel the anger and frustration and let off that tension can you get connected with yourself and what you really, really want.   So give it a try.  It is amazing how good it feels to be real.

    This is also what happened with the young woman in my post A very real moment…

    Blog with you later.


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