Not doing it all!!!!

Well, I am so excited. It is my dad’s 85th birthday and I am throwing him a party.  Years ago, I would have stressed out for days wanting to do it all, have it be perfect and trying to make the impression on everyone that I have it all handled and can do it all with Martha Steward flair.  What pressure it is to try and maintain that level of perfection.

Not these days.  I still want the party to be perfect because my dad is an awesome guy and we have alot to celebrate for his 85 years on this planet.  I, however, have given myself permission to not do it all.  Martha Stewart, I AM NOT. Many times in the past, I have thrown a party, done it all, and been totally exhausted while I entertained my guests, maintained the facade that I was perfect and could do it all.

When I made the decision to have this party, I was very clear that I wanted everyone to have fun, INCLUDING ME. I looked at my schedule leading up to the event and realized that I was pretty booked up with developing content for my new website, seeing clients, etc. and I wanted to have a great menu but quickly realized that I had little time to prepare for it.

I set the intention that the whole event was going to be easy, yet classy and alot of fun and I left it at that. A little while later that day, I walked into my favorite coffee shop and low and behold, I ran into the woman who had catered my son’s wedding rehearsal dinner at our home.  I went up to her and asked her if she was available on Saturday May 9th to do the catering for a small party at my home.  She is almost always booked when I ask her to do work for me but this time she said -” I just finished up my commitments to my weekly clients, I would love to do your party for you”.  Wow, I was so thrilled that I set the intention to have it be easy.  She developed a menu, I tweaked it a bit and she is going to arrive the day of,  food prepared and we are set.  I rented some dishes, I had my house cleaned and I am so excited to be able to participate in this party fully.

Now, I know that it is more expensive to do things this way.  I am fortunate to have some resources to help me with this.  I also know that I can devote time to clients, my business and my writing up until the morning of the party.  What I have done in the past is book time off on the Friday to do all the work of the party, buy groceries, do preparation and clean my house. I give up making money to do things this way. I also notice, by the time the party arrives, I am often tired and sometimes a little resentful of how much time it takes to make all this food that everyone eats in 3 hours of less.  My husband is a huge help but he also works very hard and is exhausted by the end of the week. This way we can both enjoy the party.

What I love about this whole process is that I did not have to stew over this for a long time.  I set the intention that the party was going to be easy, classy and fun.  I can do classy with the extras that I add.  That is the fun part.  The food this woman prepares is amazing and I am so excited to experience it. 

The steps that made this whole process easy were:

1) I gave myself permission to not do it all

2) I set the intention about what I wanted to have happen

3) I recognized the clues of how to make it easy and classy (I could hire the amazing caterer that appeared in front of me at the coffee shop)

4) I took inspired action when the clues appeared (I asked the question about her availability even though she is often booked on short notice)

5) I allowed myself the gift of having it be easy and fun through having it catered.

I have experienced amazing results when I set the intention that things be easy and fun. The key for me is to be open to the messages that come to me after I set the intention.

Have you noticed the same? The synchronicities that show up when you are clear about what you want are amazing.  The key is to be recognize and act upon them when they appear.

Blog with you soon.


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2 Comments on “Not doing it all!!!!”

  1. Mhairi Says:

    It all sounds so easy and seamless. I am going to try this next time I have an event to organize. I hope you have a great party!

    • Hi Mhairi,

      Believing in the possibility of it being easy and seamless is the key here. I have done it both ways – being stressed, anxious and grumpy was my norm for many years. I think my subconscious belief about having a party was that it had to be hard work. This time, asking myself “what do I really want” with this party helped me get clear that I wanted it to be different. That enabled me to set the intention for it being easy and fun. It is like magic when you believe!!!

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