3 Voices that live in your Head!!!!

Submitted by Delia Christianson

Submitted by Delia Christianson

When we talk about our connection with ourselves, it is interesting to note that we have three voices that live within us: the body, the mind and the self (soul, spirit). By recognizing these three voices we can become aware of which one is asking for our attention and where we want to focus our response.

The first voice comes from our body. We have all sorts of physical sensations that run through our veins. We may feel pains in our stomach which indicate hunger, our mouth feels dry and we feel thirst, our eyes droop and our energy feels low and we feel tired. It is important that we pay attention to these sensations as they are part of our survival mechanism. There are times however, that people ignore the hunger pangs or the feelings of thirst and interpret that they are tired or that the people around them are being difficult and are out to get them. Our perspective is not as healthy when we are low on fuel i.e. food, water, sleep because our brain is deprived of the necessary blood sugar to keep it functioning optimally.

We often have more of an emotional response when we are hungry or tired than we normally would have if we had properly taken care of our physical needs. It reminds me of the HALT acronym that is used with Alcoholics Anonymous. When an addict is feeling that they are about to relapse they tell themselves to HALT – Ask yourself if you are

H – Hungry

A – Angry

L – Lonely

T – Tired

Remember – you need to take care of your physical body.

The next voice we have speaking to us is the mind. I have to tell you that the mind (sometimes called the ego) is not very complimentary to us when it is evaluating our behavior in the world. The mind is responsible for the negative self talk that I spoke about in the post on “How connected are you with you”. The way you can tell if you are listening to the mind is “You” is the prominent language you hear. “You should do this, you are supposed to do this, you are not enough, you are late, you are lazy, you are stupid etc. etc.” There are so many times that we get ourselves caught up in these negative messages that we believe it all to be true. The mind keeps us small and keeps us from feeling joy or peace in our lives.

The last voice we have speaking to us is the Self (soul, spirit). The language of the self is predominantly “I” language. What do I want, what do I need, I am happy, I am scared, I am sad, I am angry, what can I do right now to change how I react to this”. The voice of the self is our authentic voice; it speaks to who we are and what we want. Our self voice is often squashed by the mind. The mind thinks it knows best about all that we do and is very persuasive in letting us know what it wants.

With these three voices in your awareness, what portion of your time do you spend listening to

your body?

your mind?

your self.?

My clients have shared that they find that the “self” is often trumped by the mind. You may say to yourself “I don’t want to go out to Bob’s place tonight” and your mind says “you really should because Bob needs you to help him with that project”. Or “I really want to go to the playground with the kids” and your mind says “Yeah but, you have laundry to do and the house to clean”.

Sometimes, the body is also trumped by the mind. How often has your body said “I am tired I want to take a nap” your mind says “no, you should be more productive than that”. Or your body says “I am hungry” and your mind says – “you are on a diet, you should not be hungry, you have no willpower”. These are just a few examples of how we let our mind take over from our other selves.

I am not here to say that the mind does not serve a purpose. I want you to take this information and notice how much time you spend listening to your self, your body and your mind. Where is the dominant conversation? Is that where you want it to be? With this awareness there is an opportunity to ask yourself what (if anything) you would like to change.

I look forward to hearing your comments.

Till next time,


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