In this moment – WHAT do you feel?

In the last post I talked about “In this moment- how do you feel” which focuses on your emotions and your here and now experience.  Taking this the next step further, ask yourself  “WHAT do I feel – physically – now“.

This can be as simple as “I feel my feet on the floor”  “My bum in the chair” “The breeze on my face” etc. etc.  We take a lot of our physical sensations for granted and do not even pay attention to them.  So to get into the moment concentrate of what sensations you have going through your body now and notice how you feel physically. Are you hungry, tired, thirsty, cold, have butterflies in your stomach…?  What is your body saying to you right now?

To do this : STOP what you are doing right now.  Feel your physical presence in the room, what sensations do you have with your body touching the ground, chair etc.  What physical sensations are running through your body.  Take a deep intentional breath in for the count of 5 then out for the count of 5. Notice how you feel physically in this moment.

Remember, the intention of “being in the moment” is to quiet the mind chatter and help you calm down.

Let me know how you do with this.

Until next time,


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