In this Moment – How do you feel?

One of the quickest ways I know to connect with the present moment is to ask myself “How am I feeling right now?” When I am disconnected with the present moment my feelings are often based on what has happened in the past or worry and fear about the future.

When I take a moment out and ask myself, “How am I feeling now” it makes me check in.  Just last night I used this technique.  A friend of mine had acted quite strangely with me and I left wondering what had gone wrong.  As I was getting ready for bed, I noticed my thoughts revolved around “Why did she say that” “What did I do wrong” “How will I interact with her the next time I see her”.

Then I stopped myself “How am I feeling now?” When I told myself the truth I realized I was hurt by her behavior and sad that this had come up in our relationship.  Then I asked myself “What can I do about it, now?” I realized that I was in choice.  I could continue to feel hurt and sad which I allowed myself to do for a couple of minutes.  Then I realized I could not change her behavior or what she was going through.  All I could do was change my reaction” to what she had said and done.

I took 3 Intentional breaths each time releasing my tension with each exhalation.  My intention with each breath was to calm down, change my reaction and feel more at peace in my reactions.

It is amazing how easy it is to shift feelings when you are aware of what you are really, really, really feeling in that moment.


In this moment

What am I seeing – now

What am I hearing – now

What am I feeling – now

Take care all and I will blog again tomorrow.


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