In this moment: What do you hear?

How many conversations have you been in when you suddenly realize you have not heard a thing the person has said? You were tuned out and not present at all to the person or conversation. What is worse, when you need to respond you are at a loss for words. Sometimes people answer the question that they thought they heard and discover that they were way off base. Not only is this embarrassing it can also be very stressful. For those of you who are parents, think of the number of times your child has called out “Mommy…. Daddy… asking for something and you do not know what they just said. Once again, if you have experienced this scenario, you are not alone and you are not in the moment.

One of the best ways to get into the moment is to ask yourself “In this moment – what am I hearing”? This can be a very interesting exercise. Really listen to the sounds around you. It may be the dishwasher working away in the background, fingers strumming on the keypad of your laptop or the television in the background. If you are out in nature, listen to the sounds around you – birds chirping, cars driving by, children playing in a playground etc. When you notice these sounds you are present to the moment.

However, many people notice that what they hear is an endless chatter that is going on in their head. The coulda, woulda, shouldas creep into their everyday thoughts and that is all they hear. Often people are ruminating about the list of 20 things that they need to remember and all the things that need to be done after the list is completed. So they are formulating the list, or rehashing the reasons why things are on the list while in a conversation with someone.

Take a few moments now and listen to what is going on around you. Draw your attention to any sounds that may be heard even in the distance, really listen. It may be totally silent and you can listen to that as well. If you remember, do this a couple of times a day. Tuning into the sounds of your day, takes your attention away from the constant mind chatter and listening to these sounds brings you to the present moment.

Remember always, be gentle with yourself as you recognize how often you are not present. As soon as you discover you are not present, YOU ARE PRESENT. Celebrate the awareness because that is when true change can occur.

In this moment

What am I seeing – now

What am I hearing – now

What am I feeling – now

Take care all. I will blog later this week.


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