Are you wearing a mask?

How often do you reveal your true self to the world? The conversation that many people have with themselves is that “if people really knew who I am, they would not like me”. This is often called “imposter syndrome”. We feel like imposters in our lives because the way we present ourselves to the world has to look a certain way but is not really who we are. Many of us carry judgments about who we are, our thoughts and our actions that we live in fear that if people found out about the real “me” then they would not see “me” as worthy of their love and respect. The reality about living this way is that it is totally exhausting. So much energy is caught up in keeping up the charade that we need to shut down emotionally to stay ahead of the game.

Last post I challenged you to write a list of things you would do if you gave yourself permission to. How did you do with completing this challenge?

Do you live in fear of what others will think of you, how others will judge you if you were yourself?

Can you name one area in your life where you wear a mask to protect yourself?

The first step in helping to take off the mask is to become aware that you are even wearing one to begin with. Take some time this week to notice where you may be wearing a mask.  Just notice, do not judge, be curious about what you are fearful of and be gentle with yourself as you develop awareness of this.  Let me know how you do.

In this moment

notice what you see- right now

notice what you hear- right now

notice what you feel- right now

    More on this next week.  Take care


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